10 Tips to Increase Productivity

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Alice in wonderland is my favourite character…I quote it endlessly…Mainly because we can learn a lot from Alice…what a fearless chick…eating and drinking whatever is at hand…growing tall, growing small…and always trying to find a way out of that rabbit hole she fell into. One of my favourites is this here what the Red queen tells Alice. “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place”

If you look at it, most of us are doing the same thing…we run and we run and we run and it seems we are in the same place…it’s great when you are on the treadmill, but not so much in work and life!

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Our life is an endless stream of incoming information & things to do…more and more of us addicted to our smart phones & our social media, in the hope of being ahead in the race..Here’s the bad news…You never will manage to stay ahead. The good news…You really don’t need to.
So here’s what you can do to become more productive:

1. Get Focused!

A laser sharp focus will ensure that you use your time well whether you are a big cog in the corporate world, a start-up, or a stay-at-home mom or dad. A streamlined focus is your number one distraction detractor. To decide what information you remain open to and what tasks you take on, you have to be clear on what you want to do. Clarity is Power.

2. Have a Plan for the day

By developing a map in advance to guide your energy, time, focus, frequency and budget, you will be able to say “YES” to certain uses of your time, much more easily and “NO” to others that fall outside the perimeter of your target area. For example, if you know that the best way to create clients is by bringing them to your website, then you can create those offers instead of getting sucked into long hours of social media posting that get you no clear results.

3. Get Some Help!

You don’t have to do everything yourself!! Create your circle of affordable masterful resources for that which distracts you from your focus! There are plenty of fabulous and affordable virtual assistants, logo designers, web designers who can do what you are trying to do better, more efficiently and will help you keep your focus. And the money you spend will be doubled in the time and energy you retain.

4. Have a daily/weekly schedule that works for you and keep to it.

Explore what amount of hours and sleep really work best for you in a day. Find out just what are your most creative and productive times and schedule your work with that in mind. Schedule time for writing just as you would a client.

5. Minimize Distractions

If you know that it is difficult to have a few focused hours for completing an important project (think writing a newsletter, creating a video, whatever) then turn your phone off during that period. While working at your computer, try turning off all of your email/incoming posts sounds. This may seem like a small distraction, but 20-100 beeps per day keeps you in erratic un-focused state that easily can divert your attention and break your creative focus.

6. Live by the Two Minute Rule

The moment you realize you have to do something that captures your attention (like when you receive an email you have to act upon or a call you need to make), if it will take you less than two minutes, go ahead and do it. If you honestly know that it will likely take more than two minutes, schedule completing it at a later time.

7. Eat the Frog First!

Brian Tracy explains it so beautifully in his book. Figure out what tasks you are putting off do it first. Get the ugliest slimiest job out of your way by tackling it first.

8. Find Creative Breaks

Remember to take Mini-Breaks (less than one minute to stop and close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, choose randomly from a source of inspirational quotes) at least every hour or so. Support yourself in scheduling a 15 minute maxi -break at least every 2 hours to step outside, stretch, sit on your gym ball, get up to get a snack, etc. Taking short breaks helps productivity. Breaks prevent you from becoming fatigued and tired, and they help you slow down, step back from your work, reflect, and come up with better ideas

9. The 3 Outcome Start to Your Day

Before you begin your work day, make a list of 3 outcomes you wish to have occur by the end of the day. Not to-do items; outcomes. This is a terrific and easy to implement productivity rituals. Define three results or outcomes you want to collaborate with the Universe to have happen today. These are results you want to get done.

10. Don’t forget to have some fun!

Find one activity that gives you more energy, and schedule it: Whether it’s a run, a walk on the beach, playing with your dog, catching some sunshine, blasting some music and dancing, snuggling…these Life Giving activities are nourishing and need to be as important to your schedule as your appointments and work tasks, so go ahead, schedule them, now!

These 10 tips should get you started if you are feeling buried under that mountain of distractions….let me know how it works out for you. You can use these tips to build your business or set up a new one or to merely oil your household wheels.

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