17 Secrets for Living that you can learn from world-class actors

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All worlds a stage


Remember Shakespeare’s famous “all the world’s a stage’ line? So it makes sense that we can learn a lot from great actors. They’re much more than pretty faces.

Consider these simple secrets of World Class Actors:

1.Show up on time. Get to the theatre on schedule. Delays cause tension with the rest of the cast and lead to additional expenses.

2.Learn your lines. Rote learning is necessary when it comes to mastering basic information. You need a solid foundation before you can add your own embellishments.

3.Hire an agent. Partner with the right experts. Link up with people who can help you find more opportunities and give you objective advice about your career.

4.Invite your friends. A packed house looks more impressive. Until you get paying clients, find some way to fill those empty seats. Be willing to do the same favor for them.

5.Engage in relaxation. The best actors make their work look easy. Manage stress by meditating daily or booking a weekly massage. Exercise on a regular basis and get plenty of good quality sleep.

6.Stretch your imagination. Visualize all your possibilities. Look at ordinary things from an unusual angle. The woman next to you on the bus may be a substitute teacher or a space alien.

7.Make a commitment. Invest for the long term. Once you get started, see a venture through until its completion.

8.Think like a psychologist. Think about how a person is likely to react in different situations and the motivation behind their choices.

9.Explore yourself. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses. Examine the root causes for why you suddenly feel a change in mood or do something unexpected.

10.Practice lifelong learning. Be open and eager to embrace new ideas. Take classes, read and talk with people from all walks of life.

11.Persevere against all odds. Anticipate the obstacles that may lie ahead. Make plans for how you’re going to face them. Build up a financial nest egg. Develop contingency plans for what to do if your initial approach gets stalled..

12.Remain versatile. Be flexible about taking on different roles. Give equal time to all sides of your personality. You may need to make some commercials for laundry detergent before you get the lead part in a Broadway show.

13.Believe in yourself. Have faith in your own talents and abilities. Encourage yourself with positive self talk.

14.Take risks. Dare to go beyond your comfort zone. Accept roles that will challenge you to confront difficult truths. Life begins outside your comfort zone, remember?

15.Share your feelings. Express your emotions. Wear your heart on your sleeve…let your vulnerability show.

16.Rely on a support system. It takes an entire cast to put on a show. Develop a circle of people you can count on for assistance and support. Give generously of your time and resources as well.

17.Demonstrate passion. Get fired up about your life.Be clear about what you want to accomplish and diligent about pursuing your goals.

And you thought actors just wore beautiful clothes, travelled to exotic places and signed autographs?:).Time you woke up!

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