5 Easy Hacks to have the best Valentine’s Day ever

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It’s Valentine’s Day, that time of the year when hearts and roses come back in to fashion, the social media goes in to an overdrive…and an incredibly stressful time whether you are in a relationship, or not or somewhere in-between. The expectations of this day itself are killing.

So what I am going to suggest is a bit rattling. Today, instead of waiting for the great love of your life, pause. Consider this. The first relationship that we have is always with ourselves. And every relationship in our life mirrors this.

Here are some practices to show yourself some love, today.

1. Take some me-time
We get so bogged town taking care of others – our family, our extended family, our even more extended family, friends, co-workers, our pets– often we forget all about ourselves. Today put yourself first. All of you wonderful women out there, and all you conscious heart-centred men – take time out to pamper yourself. Just for you, just for fun, don’t tell anyone. Do something that YOU want – whether it’s getting a body massage, buying your favourite flavour of ice cream or even sleeping in for an hour. Do it. Indulge. Guilt free. Like the L’Oreal ad says, we deserve it!

2. Applaud Yourself
You are perfect just the way you are – you are at the right age, with the right body shape, the right complexion, the right amount of hair, the right level of success. And if you don’t believe it, just for today, suspend disbelief.

3. Let go
This is a biggie, and I don’t expect you to cold-turkey letting go. But may be just for today, release your attachment to what’s right and who’s wrong. I love this quote by Louise Hay, “You can either be happy or you can be right”. So release all that pent up grudges, anger, and resentment towards others and all criticism towards yourself. One ritual that I do, ( and lot of my clients have done it with great effect) is to write all your angst and all your rants on a piece of paper( take 5 if you need), and then burn the god damn thing….watch it burn, taking with it all the heavy energies that was stuck in you. Powerful, this one.

4. Praise Yourself
Yes. Get up on that table. Brag. Even if all you did was drink your coffee without spilling. Shout out loud, “ Wow! I am amazing!” Hug yourself. Look in to the mirror every time you pass it, and blow yourself a kiss. You are amazing….you truly are!

5. Detox
Show your body some love. Like Wayne Dwyer said this is the only place you have to live. So drink up your 10 glasses of water, think only positive things and smile!

And if you are brave enough, take yourself out on a solo date! Dress up, catch a film, or eat at the best restaurant you can afford. And don’t forget the dessert:). Remember you are your first valentine!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

And if you need some extra help finding yourself or your voice, call me!

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