Nidhi Sharma

Nidhi is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Life Coach, Image Consultant, and Hypnotherapist; her forte being behavior transformations, Personal Branding, and Non-verbal communication.

Nidhi believes that “We are not our behaviour” and hence this behaviour can be modified and changed to achieve and live a fulfilling life. Her endeavour is to chart the uncharted territories with her clients that allow them to be better than their best and shine in their true glory.

Nidhi’s passion is to work with people to achieve greater satisfaction in their lives through Solution Oriented and Thought Transformational coaching.  It is her warm, empathetic nature accompanied with a keen understanding of human behaviour that has helped her assist people to take their lives from Good to Great. 

Being a highly talented and creative individual, Nidhi dabbles in many concurrent pursuits –from cooking to psychology to outdoor adventure sports. 

She is currently a full-time Partner and Coach with Bon Impressions