Light Bulb Wednesdays

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When we focus on darkness, we never find the light!


Just remembered this important lesson taught by Father Hughes in school. He went to the black board and put a white dot with the chalk. And then asked us,” what do you see?”. What do you think we saw…the white dot, of course. And we completely missed the big black board. Realized we often do that with the various issues in our life too. We are so focused on what’s wrong , that we miss the many things that may be right! No solution is ever found in over thinking and over analyzing a problem. Happiness comes from living in the NOW. The past is over…bless it and move on.

Okay! Exercise time: Think of one issue that’s bothering you. Now for the next 21 days, write down 5 things about the situation/person that you are really grateful for. Say “thank you”…and watch the magic unfold. You will see it, pinky promise:)


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