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I Complete Me: A Journey to Finding Your Missing Pieces

Diamonds are forever!
But can the same be said about true love?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am all for true love, but I also believe that we spend a lifetime looking for and working upon relationships outside, neglecting the first valentine of our life – ourselves.

I Complete Me is a journey, deep within yourself, to look at all the pieces that you have lost and discover some that you never even knew that you had.

Read, underscore, underline and re-read.

Are you ready to craft your whole new love story with yourself?

Top Customer Reviews

Wonderful. Must buy.

This book opens doors to the feelings we have chosen to bury deep in our subconscious. I have a great external life but am struggling with internal issues…fortunately I came across this beautiful book which eliminates our need for external approval. Beautiful.
Shanthi Komaravolu

A journey worth traveling

Gripping from page one, myth-breaking from page two and a beautiful journey throughout. The book challenged many of my existing beliefs but it’s like having a conversation with the author. While the beliefs was shook, a new calming belief was instilled. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and i feel a different me after reading me.
Geetika Mrig

What huge insights! This book is going to be …

What huge insights! This book is going to be my go-to bible to change myself and make my life more meaningful. The power lies within me. Thanks to the author for helping me discover my strengths.
Raji krishnadevan