My Learnings from the tree

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You know we can a lot through nature. I was looking at the tree outside in my garden and noticing the leaves drifting and falling in the wind. And it struck me!

This tree is so so symbolic of ourselves and anything that happens in our life! The leaves are the external manifestation of whatever is happening. Let’s use money as an example. So what are the leaves on your money tree?
Too much debt, don’t own my house, not making as much money as I want, I’m working too hard for the money I’m making…all these are the leaves.

The Branches represent the common emotions attached to these issues in our life. So again relating it to the money situation in our lives, it could be: stress, anxiety, fear, impatience. What are your branches?:)

The trunk represents the important events that may have effected your money story. Ask yourself what your experience was like growing up with money. Do you remember your parents ever telling you “money doesn’t grow on trees”? Do you remember arguments around the dinner table about money? What makes up the trunk of your money tree?

And finally, the roots. These are the beliefs we have around money. You do know, right, that our money blue print, and for that matter, any blueprint is set by the time we are 7 years old? We are living stories that we have absorbed from our surroundings as we grew up. So ask yourself: How do I feel about money? Am I good with it? Is it easy to make money? Is it easy to be fulfilled in what I do? Do I have to work hard to make money? Is it safe to stand out and be successful? Does being more successful mean I’ll have to do more work? Am I scared of failing? Am I scared of succeeding? Is the economy “bad”? Is it not “spiritual” to make money?

What is your story? You will see that cutting off the leaves does not change the tree…it just grows those very leaves all over again. The only way lasting change can happen is by uprooting beliefs that don’t support you and planting new seeds.

I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment below, tell me what does your tree look like…I hope it is a flourishing evergreen filled with joy, love and contentment. If you would like help in changing your tree, you know you can reach out to me:)

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