Breaking Bad

Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you are right or whether you think you are wrong, you are right”. Our repeated thoughts become beliefs, and repeated beliefs become experiences and habits of a life time. Breaking Bad is an attempt to throw light on disempowering actions and beliefs and help create a more conscious mind set, thereby aiding personal transformation.

Breaking Bad – ( Busting self-defeating beliefs and habits)

  • The Iceberg Syndrome
    • (Understanding the workings of the human mind)
  • How beliefs are formed
    • (Understanding the theory behind your beliefs )
  • Working with the Laws of the World
    • (Law of attraction and other oft-used words)
  • Flipping the Flop
    • (Processes to change negative beliefs to new empowering ones)
  • Living Life by Design
    • (learning how to take life out of the default mode)

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