Creating 25 hours in a Day

It can often seem as though there are more techniques for managing time than there are hours in the day. There are all sorts of courses, aids, and approaches – and, frankly, when you’re overwhelmed, you may wonder who’s got the time to use them? The good news is that you can make a huge difference by using a few straightforward tools.
Our “Creating an Extra Hour” introduces you to a few practical time management techniques, and show you how to integrate them into your working life.

Creating 25 hours in a Day – (Learning Practical Time Management)

  • Much ado about To-do
    • (How to write your to-do list without feeling overwhelmed)
  • Getting Time on to your Side
    • (Learning to do a Time audit for better productivity)
  • Beating the Time Bandits
    • (Tips and techniques to manage interruptions)
  • Fighting the “Someday” Syndrome
    • (How to move beyond procrastination)
  • Working SMART
    • (Learning to work with focus and clarity)

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