Creating Calm at Work

There is a new villain in town. Stress. While that is now a part of our lives, stress impacts our ability to do our jobs effectively, and it affects how we work with other people. This can have a serious impact on our careers, and well as on our general well-being and relationships. Our training module gives practical, easy-to-follow techniques to make stress your friend.
Creating Calm at Work – (Strategies to manage work place stress, anger and toxicity)

  • Stress Diaries
    • (Understanding the different stress triggers)
  • No End in Sight
    • (Surviving and thriving under long work hours)
  • Emotional Vampire Syndrome
    • (Strategies to understand and handle negative people and situations)
  • Anger Management
    • (Smart tricks to deflate the anger balloon )
  • Finding your Centre
    • (Learning to create calm amidst chaos)

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