Cut to the Chase

Ineffective meetings are costing business professionals one month per year
Meetings can be great for getting work done quickly and effectively – or, as we all know, they can be a huge waste of time!
Meeting skills workshops give participants new skills and confidence to lead and facilitate productive meetings that achieve results. Participants will have an opportunity to build on their existing strengths as well as to learn new meeting facilitation skills for better results.
Cut to the Chase – (Effective Meeting Skills for All)


  • Preparation for the meeting
    • (Objectives, agendas; answering who, why, what and where)
  • 7 Cs of an effective meeting
    • knowing how to run a good meeting
    • knowing how to be a good meeting participant
  • Effective Time Management
    • Starting on time
    • Setting end time objectives
  • Etiquette for meetings
    • Use non-verbal communication to enhance your messaging
    • Dressing, Attitude, Introductions, Body language
  • Time Bandits
    • Recognise stumbling blocks that create ineffective meetings
    • Dialogue mapping techniques
  • Wrapping up
    • Capture highlights, decisions and actions from each meeting to ensure follow through

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