Mentoring Matters

The Pygmalion Effect shows that the higher the expectations placed on people, the better they perform. Research shows a positive correlation between leader expectation and follower performance, making it imperative to create better leaders, to cultivate giants within the organisation.

Mentoring Matters – (Learning Effective Mentoring Skills)

  • Creating Pygmalions
    • (How to become an empowered team leader)
  • Slam Dunk!
    • (How to set powerful achievable goals for others)
  • Keeping up the good work
    • (Tips and techniques to keep the team motivated)
  • Why this Kolaveri?
    • (Understanding conflict points and managing team conflict)
  • Finding your allies
    • (Developing strong, supporting relationships at work)
  • Give and take
    • (learning the knack of giving appreciation and accepting praise)
  • Closing the loops
    • (Right feedback, right action)

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