Giant Leap – 15 week Youth Program

Empowering the Young

Youth Coaching is being recognised as an invaluable support for our young adults to help them cope with the demands that today’s world places on them. Simply put, Youth Coaching re-engages, re-invigorates and re-focuses. It provides an impartial friend who will listen to and understand the challenges faced by the young person and will:

  • Help identify what they want personally and professionally and support them in achieving a life that they really want and love.
  • Develop the right strategy and implement a plan of action to achieve their goals
  • Teach them to take more, better and smarter actions
  • Teach them to make better decisions, faster
  • Help them develop focus and proper work ethics
  • Learn practical Time management and Priority Setting
  • Make and keep more money
  • Have more sustainable energy
  • Work at all limiting beliefs and self-defeating behavioral patterns
  • Help find more balance, joy, energy, financial abundance, focus and action in every area of life
  • Reach for more…much more

Youngsters, who are emotionally intelligent, understand their challenges better, work creatively to overcome them and are self-assured, confident individuals, with higher success rate. Youth Coaching gives encouragement and motivation to stay focused and reaching the continuously higher level of performance.

Coaching Package:

Sustained change requires that you commit to a coaching schedule that is long term. Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day. Together we’ll identify and create a long-term strategy to bring lasting changes. When you’re happy, productive and free from tolerations and problems, life is a lot more fun!

Can I do it?

Youth Coaching is a great fit for anyone who is ready to leave the past behind and leap into their future. It’s all about creating a clear plan for getting from where you are today, to where you want to be tomorrow. So whether it is College prep, or goal identification or transitioning into working life, this is for you.

What does it include?
  • 4 scheduled 45-minute sessions per month, for the next three months
  • Weekly email support—motivation and guidance when you need it.
  • An initial 90 day commitment, then we’ll work together on a month-to-month basis for as long as you need.