Ok. So you have heard the benefits of meditation, so we will not go there. This is an initiative for that every person who has ever said, ” I don’t know how to meditate” or ” I don’t have the time to meditate” or ” I don’t have the right place/music/clothes/company/dog to meditate”. We will keep it simple. If you would like to learn to meditate and tap into the awesome benefits that mindfulness gives you, this is for you. We will learn meditation with colors, with sounds, with paints, with music, with nature, with tapping….you will never find meditation boring…ever again.

You will have more energy, creativity and clarity of mind. You will listen better and be more patient with yourself and with others. You have higher-quality human interactions because you will have more bandwidth to actually see people, with less need to withdraw or turn away. And you will remain open to higher possibilities. And bonus, you will also change the people around you ( or at least, your reactions will change).

The kind of meditation that we will do is based on your issue and your requirement. The various kinds of meditations that we do are:

  1. Hoo’oponopono
  2. EFT
  3. Chakra Cleansing and Balancing
  4. Dragon Meditation
  5. Full Moon Meditations
  6. New Moon Meditation
  7. Chord Cutting Meditation
  8. Working with angels
  9. Working with Crystals
  10. Visualisations

* You are free to make whatever donation you feel comfortable with into our Charity Bowl… which goes towards Child Education.  No pressure, though.

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