“NLP-K is a user-friendly way to rewrite the software of your mind and change the printout of your life.”

– Krish Srikant

NLP-K is an integration of the strengths of NLP and Kinesiology to create dramatically accelerated personal growth. Sometimes, we have the will, commitment, belief, determination, drive to make something happen; however things do not move the way we expect it to move. Does it sound familiar?

This is because our will, commitment, belief, determination, drive etc. are moved by the conscious mind. However the silent mover and shaker is our unconscious mind, and unless it is in alignment with the conscious mind, nothing will change. It is like the tug of war between an ant and an elephant!

The NLP-K processes help you resolve the limiting beliefs and internal conflicts that are preventing you from achieving your peak performance. It is fast, effective and almost permanent.

I have used NLP-K in my clients for the following issues:

Overcome limiting beliefs

  • Goal setting
  • Handle Dis-Stress
  • Release Dis-Ease and illness, including chronic ailments
  • Cure phobias
  • Release trauma and anxiety
  • De-addictions
  • Release grief and trauma of death/separation
  • Relationship issues
  • Surrogate processing is also possible with NLP-K

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