Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice.
Life is simple. Old-fashioned as it may be, the proverb – what we sow is what we reap – wonderfully sums up the i Canmystery of life. And yet, instead of getting up and grabbing what we want, we often sit patiently and wait for it to come to us. The painful truth, however, is this – it will never come to you, until you reach out.
None of life’s problems – unhappy relationships, unfulfilling jobs, unsatisfying pay, unfit body – mends on its own. One needs to roll up the sleeves and fix things oneself. But how?
That’s where the iCan workshop comes in. It is an amazing experiential workshop designed to help you delete the ‘un’ out of unhappy, ‘im’ out of impossible and ‘t’ out of can’t.After the initial 2-day workshop, each module is available for further and more intimate sessions depending on the need.
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