It’s My Life

Being a parent is not easy. Being a parent of a teenager or young adult is even more so.Its My Life
The lifestyle of children these days is alarmingly different from how it once used to be. They have their own issues that are often not confided in parents. Some tread dangerously on the wrong path because of peer pressure, some find it difficult to cope with their physical appearance,while circumstances lead some to give up their self confidence. Such issues either take the form of rebellion or make them withdraw from everyone else.
In such cases, children can use a mentor, a guide and a friend to hear them out and to help them through their troubled phase. ‘It’s my life’ is a 2-day workshop designed to help teens and young adults deal with the problems they themselves can’t.After the initial 2-day workshop, each module is available for further and more intimate sessions depending on the need.
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