Transition Coaching

Change, as they say, is the only constant. Babyhood into adolescence. School life in to college. University into work life. Singledom in to marriage into parenthood. Relocation. Divorce. Full Nest. Empty Nest. Retirement. Death of a loved one…to name a few. Life is full of transitions…some easy, some painful. During these periods of change you may go through a range of feelings and emotions and experiences:

  • Psychological changes like fear, under-confidence
  • Resistance to change
  • Difficulty making right decisions
  • Confusion
  • Expressing your needs
  • Asking for help
  • Loss of identity

Transition Coaching will assist you in assessing your choices, clarifying your needs and goals, adjusting to a new environment, navigating the new terrain, and establishing and accepting your new identity. We also help you deal with the many of the common feelings that accompany a big change like fear, doubt, loneliness, and frustration. We help you get started and get your life in motion.

Transitions helps you to restore vitality and purpose in your life by shifting focus in several key areas:

  • Get crystal clear about what matters
  • Know yourself, how you work, and develop new habits
  • Find what you love and leave the rest to someone else
  • Put ‘you’ back on your priority list
  • Learn the power of making small changes with BIG results
  • Take action on what counts.

Coaching Package:

Sustained change requires that you commit to a coaching schedule that is long term. Remember “Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Together we’ll identify and create a long-term strategy to bring lasting changes. When you’re happy, productive and free from tolerations and problems, life is a lot more fun!

Can I do it?

Transition Coaching is a great fit for anyone who has to let go of the old and build in the new. If you think you could do with a helping hand in the changes happening in life, and the push and motivation to look ahead , Transitions is for you.

You can opt for a one day intensive session to get a peek into the program.