Money Matters

           -Ancient wisdom and scientific techniques to create abundance
“Does Money matter to you?”
“WTH Dude, Yes! What kind of question is that?”Money matters are primaryMoney Matterson everyone’s mind today – those who are making it,and those who are struggling with it. How many dreams, aspirations and ambitions can be achieved with money today?

How often do YOU feel challenged with money?
“Money Matters” is a one-day comprehensive workshop with a blend of ancient and scientific approaches to creating abundance.

This workshop will show you –

  1. Blocks to attracting money
  2. Ending the poverty consciousness
  3. Core belief patterns with money
  4. Ancient wisdom to money
  5. Blasting Money barriers

Sheila Ram Mohan, and Amit Kapoor, have collaborated to form a learning experience platform called the “Possibilities Galore.” It is an initiative to sensitize and enable progressive change in everyone’s life.