The Game of Money – An Eight Week Online Course

If you haven’t been able to create true and lasting financial freedom, then this e-course is for you. Discover the mindset shifts, tools and practices that create, and start building wealth immediately.

For most of us, making money is not difficult, however retaining it and growing it,is.

Check with yourself.  Despite the increments, perks and raises you got in the last few years, is money a constant worry?   

Has it been difficult  for you to grow to the next level in your job and business?

Do you feel trapped in a never-ending cycle of increased income AND increased expenses, so that you never closer to your financial goals?

Are you like a yo-yo between high debts and low income?

And don’t forget how you absolutely terrify yourself by thoughts of being left destitute and penniless should illness or old age strike.

Even people who seem to be really well-off do not seem to enjoy their wealth and are beleaguered by various problems.

The source of our experience of fear and anxiety about money is deep-rooted cultural mindsets and habits that are blocking the experience of true wealth and well-being.

Like rocks that bar the flow of the river, these blocks….some seen, some unseen….will create the same problems over and over again….and keep you stuck in an endless struggle with money. The solution is not letting more water in to the river, but clearing the river of whatever is stopping the flow.

In my years of work teaching and coaching people about their financial challenges, I’ve discovered there are 6 Money Lies that you must break free from.

The good news is it’s actually possible to flip the switch. And make the entire process fun, illuminating and easy.

 The Game of Money is just that. It is an eight week online course which looks at the areas that you may not have expected. We will examine your money beliefs, identify your fears and use powerful tools to blast them forever. My students have experienced shifts right from the first session itself…it is that simple.

 Once you learn to see these from different and more compassionate perspective, you’ll see the pathway to creating money with confidence, security, and peace of mind that you’ve never even imagined was possible.

Then you can finally free yourself from their clasp and begin your journey to financial freedom.

You’ll begin to see that making money, keeping money and growing money can be fun and empowering. Money will no longer be a bad word in your life. You will see money for what it truly is – a tool for fulfilling your deepest desires, pursue your highest calling and make a meaningful contribution to the causes you most deeply care about

The 8 week online course has been specially and carefully created to ensure bigger, faster breakthroughs. The processes and tools once learnt, can be used over and over again. Do the course with a group, or download and do it at your pace. (I would recommend BOTH!!)

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