Unlock your Money Power

Unlock your money
         -A system to create the money that you want

  • Do you feel a complete state of financial lack and want?
  • Are you tired and frustrated with more money going out than coming in and no opportunities in sight?
  • Do you often feel like you are on a financial roller coaster – one day we are up and the next we’re down and we can’t seem to get consistent financial abundance and freedom?

The main reason is that we are living by chance and NOT by choice
There are specific ingredients that are part of every single success, whether we realize it or not. And until we know what those ingredients are and discover what is REALLY going on within us, we are at the whim of chance.
The key is to learn the recipe and use it consistently, and then we can re-create the patterns of success.
The good news is, there is a solution, to flip the switch.

In the Unlock your Money Power, you will learn:

  • How to identify and rewrite your own money blueprint to increase your income
  • How rich people think and act and why it is important to follow that
  • Practical tools and techniques that can be used to make money, grow money and MANAGE money
  • The Binaural money meditation to permanently reset your money thermostat
  • The One powerful Money Management system that will blast your money worries forever

This is a highly experiential and interactive day-long workshop that helps you walk right into abundance.

Don’t believe a word that we say!
But listen to what the earlier participants said:

I was provided with great insights to my relationship with money and given lots of tools to tackle the same. I really learned a lot. Everyone – whether struggling with their finances or not should attend this workshop at least once – Natasha Selim

The workshop was worth the 1 day time and money spent….helps with the rest of your life! – Raajeev Sharma

The Unlock your Money program was indeed an enriching experience. Plenty of hidden beliefs I had, came to the fore, and I learnt how to deal with the obstacles to my creating more money in my life. I am already experiencing the difference in my life – Raji Menon

It helped bring clarity to my life and control of money. More importantly, it helped me focus. The resultant is a happy and planned progress to my work – Sabira Fernandes

During this workshop, I learned how I haven’t been acknowledging my power in the matters of creating money for me. The tools and ideas shared during the workshop are very practical and are easily applicable in reality, and I have already started putting them to use. Thank you Sheila and Nidhi for being such a gift. You have done a superb job of facilitating me with the knowledge, and showing me all that was stopping me in matters with money. I am now fully committed to money for life – Amit Kapoor