Women & Money


Because Love is just not enough

How many times, growing up, had you been told that all you have to do is find a “well-settled” boy?

How many times have you been told that money is a man’s problem?

How many times have you heard that a woman’s main career is raising a family?

And…how has it worked out for you?

Today, more and more women are realising that love is not enough…because your Prince Charming could be poor himself. Or he could be a big earner, but useless with money. May be he does not stay forever – either he leaves you or you leave him. Love is a many-splendored thing, but rarely does it come with a full book of blank cheques!

Most women are in a never-ending struggle of earning, wanting, spending, and trying to save, and rarely feeling like they are in control.

The good news is it is actually possible liberate yourself from the endless cycle of scarcity and struggle in your relationship with money. No longer can you hide behind statements like: “I don’t understand numbers” or “Money is a man’s domain”.

Times have changed and if you want more financial independence, more peace of mind and better control of your life, you need to understand why your money situation is where it is and what you really really need to do to shift that.

This one day workshop, exclusively for women, looks at all the ways in which our deep-rooted cultural mindsets and habits have kept us trapped in a glass ceiling of our own.

Discover the mindset shifts, tools and practices that create true and lasting financial freedom, and start building wealth immediately (surprisingly, even without growing your income!).

This workshop shows you practical, easy-to-do tools that will help you find the kind of financial freedom where you can…

  • Feel unshakable confidence in your capacity to generate the money you need for you and your family to thrive and live an extraordinary and fulfilling life—regardless of the economy or your husband’s income
  • Know that you’re able to manage unexpected expenses with ease
  • Experience the strength and well-being that comes from aligning your spending with your deepest values
  • Feel satisfaction in paying your bills every month and being able to meet your financial obligations
  • Have the time and money to pursue your highest calling
  • Amplify your earning power so that you are able to maximize your income
  • Learn the best money management system which allows you to save without feeling constricted and spend more, guilt free
  • Make a meaningful contribution to the causes you most deeply care about

Sheila Ram Mohan, Author of I Complete Me, and a Master Spirit Life Coach, has been working extensively with women in the areas of health, wealth and relationships. This highly interactive workshop, is unlike any you may have been to. You will be taught tools that will bring about an almost instantaneous shift in your consciousness. You will experience the support of like-minded women to keep you on the path to greater financial freedom.

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