After this workshop you will

Feel unshakable confidence in your capacity to generate the money you need for you and your family

Know that you’re able to manage unexpected expenses with ease

Experience the strength and well-being that comes from aligning your spending with your deepest values

Feel satisfaction in paying your bills every month and being able to meet your financial obligations

Have the time and money to pursue your highest calling

Amplify your earning power so that you are able to maximize your income

We think talking about and working with money is stressful and it’s easier to just save the money in lockers at home, for the “ rainy day”
We let someone else – a spouse, a parent, a partner, an advisor – take care of everything for us .We put others’ needs ahead of our own.

This intensive workshop will shatter all your apprehensions about money and you will

  • Learn the best money management system which allows you to save without feeling constricted and spend more, guilt free.
  • Make a meaningful contribution to the causes you most deeply care about

Our Happy Family

Watch Sushma as she talks about her positive experience in one of our workshops. It all begins from within.She satrted observing positive signs even before the workshop was over.