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You know one of the biggest challenges that people face is Thinking Big. We live so much of our life in smallness. Our dreams are limited by what our conscious mind thinks we can do.  Not so…if you expand your thinking, your limits expand.


Thinking big requires thick skin. If your plans are significant, you will have plenty of nay-sayers and fear-mongers. Ignore them! I learnt a lovely technique recently: whenever you hear people hold forth on their views and plans about YOUR life, say in your mind, “Hmmm…interesting point of view, thanks for sharing” and go FOLLOW your dream:) 

Here are a few tips to learn to think big.

  1. Think about all the things that won’t happen if you stay small: You’ll regret the things you didn’t do far more than the things that didn’t work out. So take a few minutes and imagine how you’ll feel if you never even try. Think about how you’ll feel 10 years from now. How much pain will you feel if you don’t take action today?
  1. Be brave…let your creativity shine. You’re more creative than you realize. But if you’re like most adults, you’ve learned to stifle or ignore it. You still have that ability to create with your mind. It might be your greatest strength. Let it out.
  1. Stretch beyond your comfort zone. Hmm…this one is difficult for most of us. We love our little safety hammocks and safe zones. But the chances are, if you are not doing something that’s not uncomfortable, you are not growing. Push through discomfort and fear and embarrassment and you are on your way to the next level.
  1. Use your emotions as a guide. Most of us learn to become too logical and practical. Because we listen to our stinky mind that says we can’t. Just for a moment, consider this: What do you really want to do? What excites you? You’ll know you’re on to something when you’re overwhelmed with positive emotion.
  1. Spend time each day thinking big thoughts. Make it a part of your daily routine. One possibility is to go to bed earlier and spend 30 minutes letting your imagination run wild before you sleep. Read books, listen to webinars, follow coaches who inspire you.

Most of us think too small. We underestimate ourselves. We worry about failure. We worry about being too successful. But your playing small does not serve the world or you…or even the people that you think may be threatened by your dreams. Expand. Grow. Push your limits…and you will see your limits expand.

 Okay, so let’s practice. Write down one huge dream that you have…make it king-size, make it preposterous…c’mon.

 If you need help in dreaming that big dream and moving towards it, get in touch with me and I’d love to help you:)

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