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How to do it all and still have time for yourself
Here’s the irrefutable fact of our lives…we are moving through a million things, and trying to get through a to-do list that seems to self-generate itself…and all the while we keep rushing to that place where we feel ‘we are enough”. Sounds like Alice in Wonderland, right? Running to stay in the same place.

We have been conditioned to believe that we need to be these Superwomen, who proudly ‘make it happen’, ‘keep a million plates in the air’ and then high-five each other for being multi-tasking machines. And oh the guilt if we pause to take time out for ourselves.

It’s time to end all this crazy self-talk and replace it with understanding that a woman’s power comes from her ability to Be first, then Do. Now the ability to transform yourself into a woman who can Be then Do takes practice and the rewiring of habits over time, so let us do a few simple things that can help us pause, regroup and re-energize.

Putting Full Stops in your day
4 immediate benefits of your daily full stop practice

1. Inner Wisdom Access: When your head is spinning with options and your chest is full of anxiety , your insides are moving too fast to see a clear path or find the best decision. Taking a pause shuts down all these outside factors so that you can cut through and get to the wisdom that you always have access to inside of you. You waste less time on activities that take you away from what you really want
2. Energy Recharge: Being an energiser bunny has it’s own pitfalls too. STOP. Plug that Energizer Bunny into the infinite power supply of the universe. In today’s world where 4 of 5 women run so hard that their adrenal glands are on the brink of exhaustion and major health issues, energy recharges are not an option, they’re a must.
3. Energetic Protection & Cleansing: Have you ever come home from the outside feeling blue and tired? Ever been in a conversation with someone and feel like they were sucking your energy? Well, chances are your energy was indeed being siphoned out. Leaving your house without doing a daily pause that powers up and protects your energy fields is like leaving the house naked. It’s important to stop taking on the emotions and fears of other people. And let this no-feel-good energies from seeping in to your life.
4. Feel Like the Universe has your back: Like any good friend, the universe will do more for you when you make an effort to connect. The more you connect, the greater sense of security, love and trust you will develop.

So how do you stop and smell those roses?
No you don’t have to sit on a pillow and try to throw all thoughts out of your mind, all the while telling yourself things like ‘I don’t have the time,” “OMG, that’s one more thing I have forgotten to add to my list, “I am bored, when will the 5 minutes be up”… you see I have been there, done that 😉

Okay so first, there are no do’s and don’t’s. Your pause can be as short as 3 minutes. But just make it a habit like brushing your teeth or drinking your morning tea. Find a time that is the easiest to do it and START! Remember, every habit takes 21 days to set in to a pattern, so just stick to the first 21 days…then watch yourselves soar.

1. Meditate. No, no, no…start with the simplest way to meditate.
Lay on the bed, put one hand on your heart, and the other on your belly. Close your eyes, feel the rising and lowering of your body as you breathe. Put relaxing music on in the background, and just let yourself feel YOU. Put a timer if it helps, so you know when to get up! It’s very relaxing.
2. Mantra. Also known as affirmations, these are sentences or phrases that positively affirm
something you want to call into your life or aspects of yourself that you want to change. Start with the simplest one, like, “Everyday, in every way I am getting better and better” or “ Life is beautiful”.
3. Journal. I can’t tell you how effective journaling is. Just get a beautiful book, and a good pen and write and write for 10 minutes every day. Ask questions, write your thoughts, draw pictures….let go of the need to control handwriting and grammar. Let it flow.
If you don’t have a question, start with, “Hi, Universe. What do I need to know today?” And watch miracles beginning to happen.
4. Chanting. Sound vibration is a powerful way to clear away all the yuck that can get stuck on you throughout the day. It is also works to draw life opportunities to you, for as you chant, visions and ideas will start to fall into you and the sound coming out of your mouth acts like a giant sonar machine attracting what you desire to you. My favourite is “Om gum ganapataya namaha”. You could try the gayatri mantra or just chant “OM”, the most powerful sound in the universe.
5. Walking. You don’t have to sit to meditate. You can walk consciously and focus on anything that catches your fancy: a tree, a bird, a rock, your own feet…My best ideas have always come when I walk in nature.
6. Dance
Find music that opens up your heart and soul, and challenge yourself to move freely and fully to it every morning, without a care in the world to how you look or sound. Dance like no one’s watching (they aren’t).

These practices are great for those mornings you wake up and you can literally feel the burden of the to-do lists falling on top of you… or looming above your head just waiting to descend on you the moment you put a foot on the ground. Thumb_70C394B3-4F36-45B0-94FC-99B950DFAD59

Here are some bonus Full Stop activities that you can do:

I love myself Hug
Wrap your arms around you as if you are giving yourself a hug… because you are! Imagine beautiful violet light all around you. Say to yourself silently, “I love you… insert name.”
Over and over again until you can feel it.

It’s been a wonderful day
You can do this one alone or with a partner. Before going to bed ask yourself, “What 3 successes did I have today?” Then answer yourself out loud. If you are with a partner, ask each other “What 3 success did you have today?” and answer each other.
End the conversation with the mantra, “I am successful.” And have a good night’s sleep.

Have a real bath
I mean it. No quick showers. Fill your tub or bucket with warm water, put in a handful of crystal salt. And take a slow bathe. The salt regulates your energy system and clears out
your energy fields. Cleanse your energy fields of all negative energies, toxins, pollutants and pamper yourself ‘clean’.
You can also add to the experience by burning incense, lighting candles and putting calming
music on. Do it at least once a week and you are ready to go!

I would love to hear from you, so leave a comment below, add your own special go-to practices or just connect, if you need more help with finding time for yourself.

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