Symbiosis Coaching Affiliate Program

To join The Symbiosis Coaching affiliate program, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to and join the program as a new affiliate. Bookmark this link as you will be visiting it in the future.
  2. Once you join, you should receive your personal affiliate link. If you don’t please let us know and we will send it to you.
  3. Create a new page on your website. This page can be called “Become a Certified Life Coach” or “Become a Life Coach” and should be easily reachable through a menu or a tab on your web page.
  4. To this new page, add content exactly as provided to you in the “Want to be a Coach” document.
  5. You will notice that there are a few words in the text that are colored red. These words should be a link to your personal affiliate link. This way, when visitors to your site click on those words, they will be taken to the Symbiosis Coaching website and marked as your referral. If they enroll in our program, you automatically earn a referral fee.
  6. You may also post your personal affiliate link on your Facebook account or email it to friends, colleagues or relatives who ask for such information. But please – no spamming under any circumstance! That means – no unsolicited emails to anyone, for any reason. You will also NEVER send out any mass emails to lists – whether they are purchased or not. Mass emails of any kind will automatically lead to disqualification from the program. We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to spam.
  7. Visit your affiliate program dashboard frequently to see how many visitors and/or leads have come to us through your site.