Sheila’s coaching has helped me evolve into a better person. She has helped me identify core issues and beliefs and has used various coaching methods to guide me. Many times she goes out of her way to follow up and ensure that I complete my change commitments and that has ensured that I improved continuously. I would highly recommend her as a skilled Life coach who has the ability to impact your life positively.

S R Sriram, Director & Head HR, Arcesium India Pvt Ltd

Sheila is an extremely intuitive coach. In my coaching period with her, I grew – both personally and professionally. She is non judgmental and will push you to go beyond your own boundaries. More than anything, she is very giving and always ready to help. While she herself grows and upgrades herself, she also makes sure that her clients are with her, and on it in all capacities.

Shilpa Nainani

“Sheila guided me in matters of finance, health, relationships, career and so many more issues that one can’t even categorize.
What I like about Sheila’s approach is she is completely no nonsense. Also, she does not offer one-size-fits-all kind of methods. She keeps updating her repertoire. She surprises the ‘resistant mind’ with new approaches. That helps. To say she made me successful may sound like an ad. She made me taste the success that I already was. That is just attracting more of it. She basically is helping me help myself. Thank you, Sheila. “

Sowmya Nittala

“Sheila has the amazing ability to identify your limiting thoughts, patterns and fears that I have created for myself which were actually preventing me from succeeding. She gave me useful tools to break this limiting beliefs and fears. She helped me realize that I had all my focus on the things that were not working for me and also helped me shift my focus to what was working. I am extremely grateful to Sheila for all the help!”

Raj Gopal

Sheila was like a guiding angel during the preparations for my exams. The methods taught by her were of great help and was instrumental in driving away my fears. I would like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all the guidance and attribute my success to her”


The Life healer- My name for her!…When we are just about getting into the teenage phase, and getting out we always need that guidance and path to how to process your life or the different situations around you. Let me tell you a story about a girl just like that-She was busy with her own messed up thoughts, school nagging, own pressures to do well and Boy issues, like we call it. She even had times where she felt like she wanted to hurt herself, because of the tough and scary moments she had. And that’s when she met Sheila. Who walked right into my brain and understood everything.And now, she is an aspiring Fashion Stylist and loves life the way it is, and everything that comes her way.And all this, wouldn’t be happening without the bright way of hope and sunlight, Sheila Ram MohanI love you, and you will always be special to me. Because you healed a part of my life. Words are not enough to thank you for the help you have given me. You have Magic to heal a lot of people’s worlds.


A ‘life coach’ at first brought to mind the image of a very intense, towering personality but I was pleasantly surprised when I met Sheila, pocket sized and full of life.I knew at that very moment that she was not only going to be my Life Coach, but also a friend to me. She helped me build my morale and change my perspective on issues. My mind was enriched by the constant stream of positive thoughts and positive energy. The skills that Sheila taught me have not only helped me believe in myself, but also continue to help me cope with difficulties with a positive attitude.


6 weeks ago, I got in touch with Sheila with a simple goal. I wanted to run 10kms at a stretch. And I could never go beyond 3. It wasn’t just disappointing, but also frustrating and sometimes, infuriating.In the process of coaching, I was surprised to realize how there were a multitude of other things (like my attachment to the past and my hopelessly unorganized nature) which were stopping me from doing stuff I wanted to do. I spent the last few weeks trying to change a lot of little things about myself, for better. 2 weeks ago, I finally touched 10 kms without any interruption from the voice in my head. A day later, I did it again, and haven’t stopped since.
Soon, I will be running a marathon.


Sheila is like the confidante that each person ought to have. When doubts cloud your thoughts and life’s pressures get you down, Sheila steps in……like a wiper on the car’s windshield and clears away the doubts,with her positive, rational and no nonsense approach.She steers our thoughts and emotions in a very non-judgmental and fruitful manner. She helps us to realise the potential that lies within us to make a meaningful and contented life for ourselves.


It’s been very nice to start online Personal Coaching with Sheila! She helped me to discover my weakness and my strengths and to find in myself the essential trust to achieve some of my goals (both in personal and professional life). Now I feel more confident and my self-esteem is grown. For this and many more other reasons, I really recommend Personal Coaching with her !!